31 Aug 2008

Trucker Intellectuals

Intelectual trucker style

These two made us think of Hunter S Thompson, in true "trucker intellectual" style...

Rock-modern on Brick Lane

ry the crazy skater

More on couples who dress alike... I love these two. Very rock-modern...

29 Aug 2008

Ooops, I did it again

plaid shirt boy

Another lumberjack-cool (or as our friend Hipsterrunoff would say, alt?) I love his hair, super skinnies and black plimsoles.

27 Aug 2008

Lumberjack cool - Portobello

plaid shirt girl

See, more black and red plaid! the lumberjack -cool is now a very hot trend. I love the little moccasin boots too, and the hair and peacock earrings, all very consistent.

26 Aug 2008

Italians... Portobello

italian couple

The red plaid is ubiquitous right now... and here is one of the many examples I will be posting in these coming days. These two illustrate well my obsession with couples that dress alike and are, therefore, part of the same "fashion tribe". I always ask myself if they meet and are attracted because they dress alike, or if one serves as fashion inspiration to the other as the relationship evolves... Any thoughts?

25 Aug 2008

French Hipster... High Street Kensington

french girl

I love love love this girl's look, from the glasses to her jacket and red top to the ripped jeans and star-stripey converse, to her blue fingernails, all working together in perfect stylish harmony, tres geeky chic!

24 Aug 2008

Pink tights and layering... Portobello

pink tights

When I asked where she got her tights and shoes she responded only shoes £1, tights £3... creating your personal style from inexpensive pieces, priceless!

23 Aug 2008

Post Modern at Portobello

shorts and great hair

I scouted him at Portobello, and I loved his post-modern asymmetrical hair and shirt. A very cohesive style...

20 Aug 2008

Balenciaga bag at Bond Street

Balenciaga bag at Bond Street

To me true style is defined by the way someone is able to combine pieces of clothing and accessories that come from completely different places to create something new yet harmonious. This girl illustrates this very well. Her dress is from a shop in Denmark, her boots are from Topshop and her bag is Balenciaga.

19 Aug 2008

All American, re-invented... Oxford Street

American jacket, red converse and jeans

This woman's re-invented All-American look is impeccable, from the square glasses, to the handkerchief and the jeans that fit so well with turn-ups just right, to the red Converse. I also love the vintage watch and her hair...

18 Aug 2008

Plaid shirt and bowtie... Selfridges

plaid shirt bowtie selfridges

I was first struck by the hairstyles on both these girls, and when I had a chance to give the one on the left a proper look, I just had to photograph her. The plaid shirt bowtie denim short ensemble is so cool! It was a quickie, inside Selfridges. I always get nervous thinking I am going to be told off~

16 Aug 2008

The great raincoat... Tate Modern


I love this girl's whole look! From the oversized portfolio to the sneakers and the beautiful raincoat with oversizes sleeves. Her haircut is sweet too.

14 Aug 2008

Red tights and neckpiece... Tate


I am loving red tights these days, I even worn mine today, inspired by this girl I scouted at Tate the other day. I also love her neck-piece/necklace thing, very crafty!

13 Aug 2008

Oh my god, another purple dress and gladiator!


And it was taken the same day as the previous one... in the same charity worker ridden street. This girl, however, didn't try to run away from me. I love her look so much! her cloud hair with the spot-on hairband, the beautiful sandals, the gorgeous bag, all perfect.

12 Aug 2008

Purple dress and gladiator sandals


I loved her purple dress and I was determined to take a photo even though she tried to "chooo" me away. She thought I was one of the annoying charity workers in South Molton street and I had to explain that I to plea for the love of scouting... those charity workers can be really pushy and they are making my life difficult, everyone in South Molton Street looks at me funny and try to run away when I approach them now!

11 Aug 2008

More Tate... and "office" inspired clothing and accessories...


In reality this girl's outfit is not that special, I know that, but she had such a great vibe! Very cool, feminine and modern. Her dress is vintage, from a Charity Shop. I love her hair and her pendant is an office paper clip (a new trend? see below)! Her friend arrived later while and she was equally as cool, but I didn't want to bother them, I thought they might think I was a stalker! A fashion stalker!!

Am I detecting a new trend, clothing and accessories inspired by office equipment?? Here is a close-up of her necklace, and below is that computer keyboard top of the other day...

10 Aug 2008

Shiny leggings... Tate Modern


According to Elle Online, matte black leggings are over, it's all about the shiny glossy ones. Her leggings are from H&M.

9 Aug 2008

BBC Thread Style Search Competition

BBC Thread Style Search

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BBC Thread wants to put your style on trial this summer.

If you think you have what it takes, check out BBC Thread’s Style Search Competition

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Style Search works like this

1. You upload a digital photo of an ethical fashion outfit styled by you to the Style Search website
2. A panel of fashion experts cast their eye over it.
3. If it’s eco-fabulous enough, you get to go to London Fashion Week.

Simple. So get styling, the competition closes on 26 August 2008.

7 Aug 2008

Leopard leggings... Carnaby Street


This girl caught my eye for several reasons. First, the leopard leggings, which she told me used to be her mom's and are about 25 years old! the coordinating socks/scarf are also interesting! We heard it's hot in NY, but not here, oh no! We are wearing scarves in August... And she's with the band (or looks as if she is).

Great hair and glasses... Carnaby Street


6 Aug 2008

Starry Dress... Carnaby Street, London


Her lovely star dress is from Topshop, and I love her pendant clock and the gold shoes that go with it.

5 Aug 2008

Limited Edition Anniversary Button Badge Set...

To celebrate our upcoming second anniversary we thought it might be fun to commission a set of limited edition button badges. If you would like to buy a set click here >> Limited Availability!

4 Aug 2008

Vintage girl... Carnaby Street


I love this girl's vintage look, from the shoes, to her hairstyle... I think she pulls it off really well. I never cease to be amazed by how styles keep coming back. Plaid is everywhere at the moment, I went to topshop the other day and they are inundated with cute plaid shirts. The trousers she's wearing as well, so current even though vintage, and the shoes are perfect with the look. I also really like the colours in the outfit.

2 Aug 2008

A quilt skirt... Victoria Station


I was amazed by her outfit, all made by herself! the quilt skirt, the denim flower waistband and the computer keyboard keys on the straps! awesome detailing.