31 Jul 2008

More Hats! Oxford Street


I love how colourful this couple is! and they seem perfectly suited in style. I always think it is so funny when couples dress following a similar style...

30 Jul 2008

Woman in stripes... South Molton St


Hats are on! I love the way she wears the Panama and the stipey dress is vintage. Very cool with the skinny belt. And there is something rebellious about wearing your giant ring on your index finger...

28 Jul 2008

Anna and Sophia @ Stuart Semple's



Anna had blond hair until recently, and we were surprised to see her new look! It's amazing how the colour of your hair can change your image completely. She looks great either way. Her adorable green dress is from Topshop. Sophia, in her 20's inspired outfit/hair, also looking fab.

16 Jul 2008

The Stuart Semple Mashups!!

The lovely Stuart Semple, artist and curator of the Mashups Exhibition (amongst many others!)

Last night was a beautiful summer's evening in London and especially pleasant since we attended a very cool opening event for the Mashups curate by Stuart Semple (who you may recall we interviewed for six questions) for DACS at the Kawalsky Gallery in the Clarkenwell.

As well as making some new friends we also saw some old friends including Fay and (we are holding their photos later in the week when we will be on the road in Switzerland and thought we should keep something in reserve just in case…)

The Alana Lake


14 Jul 2008

Little stripey dress...


Joy from Beauty Guerrilla.

Two friends... Brick Lane


I love the way the girl on the left used the ribbon as a belt, and the girl on the right has such a lovely face. Her polkadot dress, I think is Primark. So cute with the white plimsoles and cardi.

10 Jul 2008

The Style Scout in Arles, Thanks Colette!

Here are some of the shots Anais from Colette sent us today from the exhibition we are participating in taking place in Arles, France: "From the Street to the Blog". We are bummed we can't make it there to see it live but hope everyone who are able to go enjoy it...

Blue Hair! Brick Lane

blue hair

Blue hair to match your tights...

5 Jul 2008

Western Blond... South Molton Street


I love the dress, which is from Topshop, and the denim jacket with the cowboy boots!