29 Apr 2011

At the beach back soon...


Because of the Royal wedding, in the UK most people seemed to have wangled up to 11 days off, with the frivolities continuing till next Tuesday but we'll try to get out before then....Best Robert, Luisa & The Tucs
Meanwhile I love Persol and below a great pair of Persol from Seth Bradley collection at  zone7style
Thought to be from the early days of the company c.1920's and I love the nautical references

20 Apr 2011

West Norwood, LDN

Student who lives around our way and, who always styles and dress in a cool way...

18 Apr 2011

Channeling Annie Hall...

When I first approached this couple I said that I thought they the were channeling the movie Annie Hall and she was delighted at the comparison until I mentioned his nerd glasses and plaid shirt when she objecting saying "NO, he's so cute" as she stepped back to admire her man.... He was a sweet guy, both very nice...

12 Apr 2011

Around the show's...



Love the big bag, reminiscent of the original Furla bucket bags, the "it" bag of the mid-1990's... And for Luisa (StyleScout 2) the first birthday gift I ever gave her was a Furla bucket bag which looked great back then around Madison Av or downtown in SoHo but slightly over-dressed when she went school in Cambridge, MA, doing her graduate work in Digital Communication for the internet (now called the Web) before most homes generally had PC and mobile phones were just taking off in Europe...

Meanwhile, Furla and Style Bubble will be celebrating the success of the Candy Bag with an event at Furla´s London flagship store tonight at 7pm (221 Regent Street, W1 >>>)

The Candy Bag event, which I plan on attending, will be announcing the winners of contests published on Style Bubble and Park & Cube... and winning contestents attending will take their new Candy Bag home after the event... and hopefully they let me photograph them and you... If you are in the area tonight and can attend I would love to meet you at the event and take your photograph... Hope to see you there...

11 Apr 2011

Men from the Archive.... LFW Feb 2011

Martin was my first shot at the start of that LFW



PS: His hair is not normally worn like this... styled for a catwalk show on the last day and kept it as a funny thing to do on his evening off before going back on the fashion-week trail...

10 Apr 2011

The bearded man, art lover from Milan, and the mismatch girls...





Below, for fun processing this pic went for that, San Francisco look c.1979 and in the movie would ride this bike >>>
(PS: Before there were mobiles)

9 Apr 2011

More: Art Night, Vyner St E2

       I forgot to ask to take a pic of the back which had two anchor's embroidered
       on her vintage nautical style top...

       Below, earlier in the evening when I also saw a lot of nautical references... It's spring after all

6 Apr 2011

I love seeing people dressed in only shades of grays...

I'm experimenting with over-dying old gray cotton's 1) Purple, if the look naf dye with navy which fixes anything...