29 May 2010

Art Night...

Visiting from Germany...

27 May 2010

London Street Style: Truman Brewery

Brother's school blazer.

More tomorrow but in the meantime, our dear friend Chris Rodgers has just launched his first CD. Have a look at his site and listen to some tunes: Combustible Alarms

26 May 2010

Street Style: In the trenches...

This subject spoke with a slight French accent but could
not remember where she had gotten the fab blue shoes...

18 May 2010

London Street Style: Cold, Still wearing scarves...



Diary Date: Graduate Fashion Week, London

The world's largest showcase of young and up-and-coming
fashion and design talent takes place between 6 - 10 June
at Earls Court culminating in the Gala Awards show on the
9th June. To attend the Exhibition is £5 and the different
Fashion University shows about £12 each...
More >>

London's Graduate Fashion Week has helped launch
the careers of many British designers such as, Stella McCartney,
Julian MacDonald, Antonio Baradi, Hussein Cha-layan, and
Christopher Bailey... Maybe we'll see you there....

15 May 2010

Vintage Chanel meets New Chanel...


Mighela in a vintage Chanel dress (shoes,
Chanel current season) at the London preview of the
new collection of the "Coco Cocoon" Bags


13 May 2010

London Street Style: Borrowed from the boy's



I once read somewhere that The Sartorialist did not
photograph at night, because of the difficulties involved.
However, these two subjects were worth breaking that
rule... So please excuse the blur...

8 May 2010


Just when we had packed away our winter clothes the stores
in London started to promote their new autumn/winter
collections with press days for next season and this
autumn/winter's collection will begin to hit the shops in July.

I love this black-and-white print from a previous
Warehouse Collection, and Keisha is right on trend
with her spring leather jacket. To let you have a quick
look at some of their cute things for the next winter,
we made a short movie which we hope you enjoy.

7 May 2010

Street Style London: Spitalfields



Oops! Sorry a bit blurrry.
However, loved the subjects style, so felt still worth publishing...