8 May 2010


Just when we had packed away our winter clothes the stores
in London started to promote their new autumn/winter
collections with press days for next season and this
autumn/winter's collection will begin to hit the shops in July.

I love this black-and-white print from a previous
Warehouse Collection, and Keisha is right on trend
with her spring leather jacket. To let you have a quick
look at some of their cute things for the next winter,
we made a short movie which we hope you enjoy.


Cecylia said...

Aw cute dresses! Especially the lady on the right

gih said...

You look wonderful guys. I like that photo of yours.

melina bee said...

both your outfits are so great (I love gray) and you both look like such pretty and nice women.

Georgias Blog said...

just discovered your blog! I really like it!

follo m eif you want, i follow you !


twitter: baadromance

Georgias Blog said...

sorry, but i put tat my twitter was baadromance and that was my last ndme the twitter is : georgiapeacock