31 Mar 2009

Two friends, same hairstyle

blue jacket

gold brocade

We love their looks and the great hairstyle. Apparently he was inspired by her...

30 Mar 2009

The Musician

new zealand musician

A musician from New Zealand, Luke from King Cannons, enjoying Brick Lane.

24 Mar 2009

A colourful couple on a grey day

white puffer

This couple was so colourful, brightening the grey day. I love her white puffer jacket.

16 Mar 2009

Recycled fashion




Just to be clear, we are not fans of fur, especially not new fur. However, we find it interesting when people use recycled or fake fur. Here are the last recent examples.

14 Mar 2009

And yet more fur


I now know what it must feel like to be a buyer in an exclusive department store when all the spring merchandise has arrived and I still have a big stock of fur coats in my inventory. Consequently, expect for the next few days seeing a lot the subjects we photographed in fur, as we need a clear out before we go out shooting for spring!

11 Mar 2009

40 Winks

The original concept of The Style Scout was to be style in general and you may recall our very first posting about the little cars but we love fashion and quickly went in that direction by our second posting.

However, at London Fashion Week we bumped into David (above) a subject we had photographed a long time ago, who told us about 40 Winks, his stylish new boutique hotel, which we love and wanted to share with you…

8 Mar 2009