30 Dec 2008

The combat boots again

Raybans and boots

And the combat boots strike again...

29 Dec 2008

The black and white shoes

fur and black and white shoes

A touch of whimsy in the polkadot skirt and the black and white high brogues...

22 Dec 2008

The new hat

New Hat

When I asked for a photo she quickly pulled the hat she bought at Beyond Vintage from a bag and expertly (without a mirror) put it on her head. I love the coat, the furry bag, the whole ensemble!

20 Dec 2008

Black and blue

Headphones and silk scarf

More headphones... I thought her jacket was really special, and the whole look, tomboy but feminine at the same time.

18 Dec 2008

Winter Blues

Blue Coat, Fur Hat

I love this girl's coat. When I asked if it was vintage, she proudly responded "No, it's H&M!" What a great find! The fur hat, lurex tights and Converse make the outfit. Plus, the cute red earphones... Everyone I photographed yesterday had their headphones on!

16 Dec 2008

8 Dec 2008

From the archives...

plaid scarf

There is something quite New York about this guy... I love his plaid scarf.


I love this girl's look. She is vintage and she is modern at the same time. She was wearing a vintage headphone, and the way she wears her hair is cool. Her makeup is fun too, with the huge eyelashes.

2 Dec 2008

The fab two

Fab couple at Westfield

On my first trip to Westfield, London's huge new shopping mall, I came across these two. So much style!!