29 Sept 2008

A bit of colour, a bit of celebrity

red and green couple

Loving the red, green, the white shoes, the bow tie, ironically perfect.

cory kennedy peaches geldoff

And a bit of celebrity, who could resist? Peaches Geldof and Cory Kennedy at the Oli show.


And Mahret from F&Art and the Otto Blog, Two for Fashion.

28 Sept 2008

British Style Genius


This week we attended the screening of a really promising BBC new fashion documentary, British Style Genius, which airs soon on BBC2. There we bumped into fellow blogger Susie Bubble looking fabulous as usual.

British Style Genius

23 Sept 2008


head scarf

Again, more on accessories. Get your scarves out because they will be of use this season. Also, think of belts and great bags...

22 Sept 2008

Blue jodhpurs... bowler hat

bowler hat

blue trousers

I love the blue jodhpurs and on the second girl, and the first girl's hat is so cute. Again, another example where accessories play a very important part!

21 Sept 2008

Leather gloves

leather gloves
Amazing how a simple accessory, such as a pair of black leather gloves, can add so much to an outfit.

18 Sept 2008

Blue dress

blue dress

I love her blue dress, the brooch, the shoes, and who knew, the white bag!

17 Sept 2008

London Fashion Week... Day 3

stripey top and red belt

The whole look works so well, the shoe-boots are slouchy to perfection, the yellow tights add great colour with the red belt, the stripey top is classic and the scarf on the head makes it all come full circle!

16 Sept 2008

Return to innocence...


This photo was our very first photo of Fashion Week in London this season, and I think it reflects a lot of what's coming. From what I've seen, the mood is kooky, pink, candy-floss, amusement park. There is a sense of "return to innocence" in the air, a certain playfulness (perhaps to offset the traumatizing clash of the financial markets?) The other vibe I am picking up is of structure, architectural silhouettes (perhaps inherited from last season's shoes?) and "sliced" details... More on that later.

15 Sept 2008

Cool sibilings... Brick Lane


Do you remember that lovely blond boy of the other day? Well, this is his lovely sister... You can even see his reflection on the window behind her in the shot below. Very cool family.


13 Sept 2008

White boots and denim... Ganton Street

white boots
A variation on the red doc Martens from yesterday... I love the texture and colour of her boots and the jeans and layered look is very cool too.

12 Sept 2008

Blond Boy on Brick Lane

blond boy

This super stylish, cool boy has the opposite hair type to mine... blond and smooth!

7 Sept 2008

Yellow dress ... Brick Lane

yellow dress

I love her houndstooth nike sneakers and her yellow dress. Very graphic, complementing her hairstyle.

5 Sept 2008

Gipsy Skirt

gipsy skirt

A lovely gipsy skirt in a sunny afternoon... while eating a bagel in Brick Lane.

3 Sept 2008

Pink jumpsuit ... Brick Lane

pink jumpsuit

A pink flowery jumpsuit, lime green sandals and the heart sunglasses, I thought her mix was great!

2 Sept 2008

Green and blues... Brick Lane

Green Gilet

I love the colour combo. The green gilet and the blues and brown boots.