30 Nov 2010

London snow today: predicted to be cold, for next two weeks...


When I asked Cyn our new partner at Mano Bello how she would best describe her hand-made collection. She replied “Avant Garde Luxury Leather Accessory Obsession"...

If you have a moment please click through to see what you like and let us know via the comments on this post.

Meanwhile, I liked her Couture Bustle Passion group, see >>>

28 Nov 2010

After the Jasper Conran show, LFW

Stephen Jones the milliner and a woman with a big bag who seemed to be part of Mr. Conran's group...
I loved this woman's attitude, schlepping the birkin around LFW.

As I focused the camera, looking through the lens, I saw the splint on her forearm "how did you injure your arm?" I asked "carrying the bag?"

"No, pleasuring my husband!"

"Lucky guy"...

"Yes he is" she snapped back.

27 Nov 2010

Shoulder treatment...


I loved this guy's jacket and asked him where it was from and he told me that he found it.

Later, when Luisa saw the photo on my screen she asked "where did he get the jacket?

"He found it"

"What do you mean he found it? he found it in a shop, or he found it in his wardrobe?" or any other of the million other permutations on that stream of thought.

She muttered to herself "he found it" but " Where?"

26 Nov 2010

Around the Westwood Show & at Lyle & Scott

DSC_0106 Visiting from Germany...

Meanwhile, I was out-and-about last night, in the East End, and dropped in on the Lyle & Scott bloggers event, which was a lot of fun.

In one of the rooms at The Russian Club Studios, where the event was held, a professional photographer had set up a studio and bloggers were invited to have their photo taken in their favourite piece from next spring's collection, to post on their blogs.

Below, a nice example of one of, Lyle & Scott's great graphic knits, which I have always thought looked so modern and which is why these great British knit brands do so well with their heritage collections. It would have looked as good in the mod-era as it does today. Perhaps why last year the company won the Young Fashion Brand of the Year award in the UK, more >>>


25 Nov 2010

Love the Shades...

As I took the photo I said who "designed the shades?"

She had no idea?

It seems that she had just found them on the seat of the train she'd traveled up to London on, from Brighton. As we continued to discus her find, she realized that she had forgotten to hand them in, on arrival, at the station-office...Ooops...

24 Nov 2010

CHANNELING: "Streets-of-Fire"....

"Streets of Fire" was a slightly over-styled early 1980's movie which had an unusual mix, both it's art direction and costumes. A combination of both retro-1950's and 1980's references More>>>

23 Nov 2010

Borrowed from the Boys: Shoes....

The loafers are Paul Smith and although she tried she couldn't find them in London but eventually bought them at Bergdorf's in New York, while on a business trip... I also loved the lurex socks...

22 Nov 2010

From the Archive....

Been trying to get out but always raining and baby Arthur has the sniffles so cannot take the chance my little helper will get sick... So for a few days look forward to unpublished images of sunny days back in September....

21 Nov 2010

Some like pretty... I prefer gritty...

Taken with iphone in south London earlier tonight, posting while I kill time, preparing to shoot a movie...

TheLifeStyleScout: Wk 4...

A Lizzie trader I met at the Midcentury Modern Show, Dulwich College
last Sunday who specialises in mid-century Eastern European design.
I loved her orange typewriter. (See more: www.KicsiHaz.com)

14 Nov 2010

TheLifeStyleScout: Wk 3...


Highlights of the week were press day events. I always look forward to Chanel's because they are gracious and charming making you comfortable so you can relax and get your work done. If you would like to see some of the pieces that caught my eye take a peek at the Lifestyle Scout >>>


Anna Millhouse, Event Manager, London College of Fashion.

13 Nov 2010

Who said it's too late to go to college?

Jessica Saunders, Course Leader , Flexible Learning at
London College of Fashion. I love the look, channeling "Rock-Chick-Chic"...

Learn more >>>

12 Nov 2010

So Cute....

I met Ming Yue, Flexible Factory Student Coordinator with LCF earlier in the week at the Saatchi event for the Flexible-Factory... More tomorrow....Meanwhile, I loved the coat: Jasmine Di Milo; Bag - MiuMiu; Shoes - Kurt Geiger.

11 Nov 2010

7 Nov 2010

Soft Launch: LifeStyleScout.blogspot.com


While I'm out-and-about in London finding interesting people to photograph for TheStyleScout, LDN I see a lot of beautiful accessories, fine jewellery and watches.

Mid-century furniture always catches my eye, as well as emerging trends in consumer goods. I browse in fun new shops.

All the stylish things I see I'm gong to start photographing and documenting  at the LifeStyleScout.blogspot.com and share them with you.

Photo of fellow blogger Caroline who writes at FromSampleToStaple

4 Nov 2010

Brick Lane, LDN


Luisa took this while I was chatting with Styleeast the same day Luisa also took this luminus close-up of Styleeast...

I feel like I recognize the subject but I'm not sure if we have photographed her before or if I've seen her on another blog?

3 Nov 2010

PRESS DAY: at Paul Smith, yesterday


I once heard The Sartorialist mentioning in an interview that he does not shoot at night and by this I assume he also tries to avoid shooting inside because he only likes to shoot in the light of day. For a while I adopted this rule but this subject's face at Paul Smith's press day yesterday was so striking, I felt encouraged to break the rule. I hope this becomes a habit as I start making plans to launch my lifestyle blog...

I want to use a widget that creates a cloud of words, which will explain the thesis behind my choice of products at the new blog.

If I were trying to pitch the idea in decoration terms as retro-modern or I could say a cross between “Scandinavian-design-meets in-Gstaad-for-Christmas” and when I say Gstaad I mean it in a slightly snobbish way with some name-dropping thrown in for fun.

1 Nov 2010

Chutzpah, looking for a business or marketing intern....

I loved this young woman's style she was so capable and calm yet had chutzpah managing a PR stunt for IPILYA
Above two students I met at London Fashion Week attending to learn more about the Creative Industries. If you are interest in gaining business experience in digital marketing and see how fashion marketing works. Marketing students, Communications, fashion writing and PR students who live in South London may be interested. More >>>>