28 Nov 2010

After the Jasper Conran show, LFW

Stephen Jones the milliner and a woman with a big bag who seemed to be part of Mr. Conran's group...
I loved this woman's attitude, schlepping the birkin around LFW.

As I focused the camera, looking through the lens, I saw the splint on her forearm "how did you injure your arm?" I asked "carrying the bag?"

"No, pleasuring my husband!"

"Lucky guy"...

"Yes he is" she snapped back.


Gudrun and Iris said...

wow she is, er, charming. kind of makes her look not so pretty anymore

jeez, those fashion birds ;)

nice blog!


Cecylia said...

I love her red scarf and the fur gillet!

Lola ^^ said...

Hahahah funny story!! I love that you are including little stories with the pics :)And I OMFG dying for one of those bags :P

classiq said...

that bag!

Ioana Nic said...

I like the man from the first picture! Can I connect with him somehow?