30 Dec 2010

California dreaming...

On a break between haircuts outside Pimps & Pinups this guy told me that he'd just come back from vacation in Los Angeles. He also told me that John Hoad now lives in NYC....

28 Dec 2010

Size 50" knitting needle's

I remember from my childhood that size 8 needles are the average size, your mum or your grandma would use to knit you a nice bulky jumper. The needles he needed to use, large enough to manage this yarn he told me "felt as big as broom sticks to knit with". He sells them at his store at Etsy and when he lets me have the link I'll add to this post. He was so nice and even let me try his scarf on.

Then, I saw his whole look which was so many great layers: below


25 Dec 2010

Wishing You a Merry Christmas, Robert, Luisa & Arthur TheStyleScouts...


Wishing You a Merry Christmas from LDN
° 。 ° ˛˚˛ * _Π_____*。*˚
˚ ˛ •˛•˚ */______/~\。˚ ˚ ˛
˚ ˛ •˛• ˚ | 田田 |門| ° ° .

24 Dec 2010

Covent Garden...

Although I took this photo a while back I have saving for Christmas because of the plaid...

23 Dec 2010

London Trend: the belted coat...

I saw three stylish women that morning wearing coordinating odd leather belts over coats. For an early Christmas present I gave Luisa a
classic down-filled puffer-vest and she wears with her favorite heavy leather hide belt over it...

21 Dec 2010

A-sort-of 1940's style...



Please check out our new partner Naketano.com who's movie Arthur and I love to watch very cute>>>

20 Dec 2010

Don't Ask...

Because I have been lucky recently I had to ask!
"Is your hat, fake fur?"
Cringing, she answered "vintage".
Going forward; I'm instigating a "don't-ask-don't-tell-policy"...

18 Dec 2010

Charlie's bags

I noticed Charlie's bag as I looked through the lens and they are for sale, for more info at ChatleyOriginals.com >>>

17 Dec 2010

Smile for the birdy...

I was chatting with this guy at the new Barbour Pop-Up Store in Spitalfields when he flashed this big smile at baby Arthur and I had to ask him to pose for a photo and see if I could capture his great smile...

12 Dec 2010

Who's this?

A stylish mum and her son at LFW in Sept...

And this is a link to a new review at the LifeStyleScout.blogspot.com >>>

7 Dec 2010

" Very Continental"...


Outside the old EuroStar Station at Waterloo after the TopShop show....

4 Dec 2010

Spitalfields Market, LDN


I regularly bump into people on the street who I have photographed before, and I often seem to bump into this woman, she has even met Arthur's grandmother Wilma from Brazil.

When I saw her in the market last week she told me that she had just been on a shoot for ID magazine, and when she sends the link I will update this post.

2 Dec 2010

Great hair styling...



Most Thursdays Arthur and I, go to Spitalfields and Brick Lane to photograph.

Although the background look's grey when we took these photograph's last Thursday, the weather has steadily deteriorated. Today, Thursday, we are actually snowed in. With the heat at full blast, in our old Victorian house situated in hills high above the city.

Trying to entertain a 14 month old who has just learned to walk, eager to get his little fingers on anything new and because I wanted to do something useful with today, I decided to pull out my sewing kit and adapt and repair cherished old clothes.

I have always been interested in sewing, perhaps because my mother worked as a seamstress for Norman Hartnell; then the dressmaker to the Queen. I remember as early as a 2 or 3 year old sewing with my mum. She often brought home dresses as cut pieces that needed to be sewn overnight for one of his client.

One of my earliest memories was playing the game “dressmaking”, which my mother and I played like jigsaw puzzling.

My first job-helping Mum was to separate the silk pieces from the paper pattern, which were still pinned together after having been cut from the roll of fabric. Next, I arranged on the floor all the silk panels in the order I would need to pass them to her to sew. The game really got started when mum asked, “what comes first” and I would hand her Norman Hartnell’s label and the back panel of the yoke, which she attached with a hand crank Singer sewing machine, as we assembled the dress and I learnt clothing construction at an early age.

However, Arthur seems to still be too young, to be interested in anything other beyond playing with the dangerous needles and sharp blades or scissors in the sewing box but I hope that one day he will want to learn all the tricks of the trade.

Meanwhile, I guess we'll spend the day blogging and playing the floor while watching music videos on the web with Arthur...