28 Feb 2007

Biker Girl... photographed in London, blogged from Paris.

27 Feb 2007

Hello everyone,

There was a slight change of plans for The Style Scout meetup... We will still meet at 1 pm on Thursday March 1st at the Carrousel as previously agreed but the cafe (second part of the event-the technology conference) starting at 3 pm had to be moved to the cafe at:

Hôtel du Louvre
Place André Malraux – F-75001 PARIS
Tél. : (33) – Fax : (33)

26 Feb 2007

25 Feb 2007

Is red the new orange? London...
To stay updated we heve decided to launch a slightly redesigned blog prior to the Paris Meetup...which promises to be well attended by European bloggers and fashion lovers…

24 Feb 2007

Final Fashion Week movie...London

Bonus day… London
Because of the meetup in Paris next week and because we are not sure we will be able to post from there...I’m adding some bonus postings to the blog… You may have noticed that we have added some more links to our favourites:
Dirty Dirty Dancing, The Cobra Snake and my personal favourite Stuart SempleI got to know Stuart over the phone last week after stopping his friend Fay on the street to ask if we could photograph her for a posting, and she told us about Stuart. She was so fun/interesting we had to investigate…(The Coolhunter is going to publish Fay’s photo after interviewing her via email for his Street Stalker series).
Stuart is an artist involved in many interesting project and has some great videos explaining the process and how he produces the artworks…As far as we know, Randi the subject of these photos, is not a part of his posse/crew/entourage (what is the correct term these days)…although perhaps she should be!!!

23 Feb 2007

Final Fashion Week movie Sunday...London

Edeline from Rodnik
Victim show

22 Feb 2007

Update…London Levi Palmer, one of the subjects in the movie mentioned below…plans are underway for Levi to interview the designer Jean-Pierre Braganza, mentioned recently in the London based Magazine Disorder…If you can ever see a copy of Disorder on the newsstand you should pick it up and take a peek as it is really good… We are delighted that our friend Christian at focusart.com has done such a wonderful job editing some of our short clips, which start 2 mins into his report…Christian’s fashion report is for the Luxembourg arts television station. These Fashion report’s can also be seen across Europe via cable and on the web at: www.art-7.net

Finally, we have started to contribute to the coolhunter.net

21 Feb 2007

London Fashion Week was so much fun this year for Bloggers as we prepare for Paris Next week...
Mia, one of London’s Fashion insiders, her hat was fab...
And as you can see, she has a great sense of Style…
Dashing from Fashion Week to change for the Brit Awards later that evening…

19 Feb 2007

Six Questions™ interviews with young designers at the
ON/Off Show…London
Hannah Marshall

Coming late this week…Part 2 of ON/Off Show… “Victim by Mei Hui Liu” Catwalk Show & backstage interview…Filmed during London Fashion Week…
Killing Time waiting to model at On/Off…London…
She had a great sense of style…we loved her dress…

18 Feb 2007

"Backstage at Eley Kishimoto"...
filmed during London Fashion Week Feb 2007...

The husband-and-wife team Eley Kishimoto was established in 1992. Since 1998 they have produced twice-yearly collections and their colourful shows have become one of the highpoints of London Fashion Week… To mark their tenth anniversary, they had a mini-retrospective at the Victoria & Albert Museum in the form of three-archive catwalk shows…

They have always been innovators and Mark Eley is a fellow blogger…we love their style, their prints and how wearable their clothes are.

15 Feb 2007

Coming this weekend…"Backstage at Eley Kishimoto"
a Style Scout Video…
Filmed during London Fashion Week…
Everyone was so nice, and two of the girls even found the time to pose for us...

This shot captures the energy and all the colours backstage.

Mark gives last minute instructions to the models while Anina snaps away.

13 Feb 2007

Truman Brewery…London
A Hungarian photography student out doing what we do…
Last Night's Party…On|Off at the Royal Academy of Arts…London…London Fashion Week...
“On|Off is a key part of London Fashion Week and is internationally renowned as the life-blood of fashion, art and design talent in London”…Time Out Magazine…

The artist Natalie Silva and one of the paintings from her "Back Street Boys" collection.

10 Feb 2007

Rivington Street...London...
We love her shoes…We met Lizzie at the Shoreditch Boutique Start London.. The shop The Guardian called “bloody marvellous”…
Final episode…Six Questions ™ Season 2…

has roots in punk and gothic fashion.
Emo clothing:
• tight jeans on boys and girls
• tight t-shirts (often bearing the names of emo bands)
• studded belts, belt buckles
• Chuck Taylor All-Stars or other black shoes (often old and beaten up)
• long bangs brushed to one side of the face, dyed black hair

An "emo person" is candid about their emotions, sensitive, shy,
introverted, broken-hearted, glum, and often quiet.

Definition from Wikipedia

Some of our Emo favorites: