22 May 2008

On the way to Brixton


I saw this woman on the way to Brixton tube this morning and loved her style and she told me it's mostly vintage. I love the way her lipstick matched her sweater so impeccably.

Carnaby Street ... London


17 May 2008

Liberty and Portobello



I was roaming Selfridges again lunchtime, where I bumped into Simon Doonan the other day and now I bumped into Patricia Field who was signing the new Sex and the City Diet Coke bottles:


14 May 2008

Polkadot dress and eyeliner...


Now that we are into makeup (BeautyPopStar) we loved this girl's look. She told us she's been applying eyeliner every day for 7 years...


13 May 2008

The Makeup Expert...

A few weeks ago we came across Kath. She had a fabulous look and once we got chatting, she told us she is a makeup artist. As many of you know, we have a new makeup and beauty blog (BeautyPopStar) and at that point were looking for someone to be our in house expert... We are thrilled to announce that Kath accepted the role and we are now up and running.


Have a look at BeautyPopStar to watch our "Six Questions" movie with Kath.


3 May 2008

Simon Doonan at Selfridges...



I was on my lunch break, browsing Selfridges bookshop and who did I bump into? Mr Simon Doonan! Looking great as usual in his signature ditsy floral shirt and a great velvet jacket. He was signing his new book, The Beautiful People.

1 May 2008

Portobello couple on a sunny afternoon



We love this couple's look. Their denim, distressed and not, look so fresh and American classic...