28 May 2007

Persistent rain…London

London based freelance journalists…

We have a great book and are looking to partner with you if you are pitching editors…If you are interested in collaborating write to us: thestylescout@gmail.com

27 May 2007

Hats on...London

'You'll think I'm a Madman'...Great piece on London's Guardian Sunday magazine about LARGERFELD

26 May 2007

Fashionista Friday… The National Portrait Gallery…London

fashionista friday
fashionista friday
fashionista friday
fashionista friday
fashionista friday

fashionista friday
fashionista friday
fashionista fridaySoundtrack provided by fabulous guest DJ Princess Julia...

More from NPG...London

Gareth Pugh
British Fashion designer Gareth Pugh

Face of Fashion party...NPG...London

'A fashion picture is a portrait; just as a portrait is a fashion picture.' Irving Penn, 1950
Face of Fashion is a major exhibition focusing on the portraits of five outstanding fashion photographers from Europe and America: Mert Alas & Marcus Piggott, Corinne Day, Steven Klein, Paolo Roversi and Mario Sorrenti. It is the first exhibition of its kind, celebrating the innovation and diversity of current fashion portraiture.

Fashion photography dominates our visual culture. Never has it been so prevalent, pervasive and wide-ranging, incorporating as subjects not only the most popular professional models but also our greatest actors, musicians, sporting heroes, filmmakers, designers and dancers. With the boundaries between advertising, editorial and fine art now blurred, the world's most famous fashion photographers are shaping our ideas of beauty, sexuality and fame.

Sometimes supporting a glamorous aesthetic, sometimes subverting it, fashion photography is at the height of its powers and its leading exponents among the great image-makers of our time. Mert & Marcus, Corinne Day, Steven Klein, Paolo Roversi and Mario Sorrenti are each unique and distinctive in style. Together these portraits explore the intimacy that exists between photographer and the subject and how this relationship, sometimes perceived to be exploitative, frequently empowers both parties.

Face of Fashion is curated by Susan Bright, independent curator and writer, author of Art Photography Now, published in 2005 by Thames & Hudson. The exhibition installation is designed by David Adjaye and opens with London Fashion Week 2007...

'Face of Fashion offers the chance to enjoy great photographic portraits away from the bustle of the magazine page - we can see stars transformed through their collaboration with these photographers' said Sandy Nairne, Director of the National Portrait Gallery...

Susan Bright, Curator of Face of Fashion says: 'The diversity of the photographers featured in Face of Fashion shows that the fashion magazine remains a vibrant place for portraiture, and that the work we see there deserves a considered examination.'

Coinciding with our Face of Fashion exhibition, Individuals: 20 Portraits from the Gap Collection (12 February - 28 May 2007) brings together 20 stunning portraits of leading authors, actors and musicians by eminent photographers including Herb Ritts, Annie Leibovitz and Albert Watson...

24 May 2007

Borough Market near the Globe... London

borough marketAnother photo taken by our friend and photographer Simona Aru
borough market
We published a bunch of great old R & B videos in case it rains this weekend which can be seen at The Video Scout

Tile Workshop, Rio de Janeiro

Our friend currently organizes workshops for children and young adults in major favela of Rio de Janeiro.

She started this with a friend as a way to give the inhabitants of the favelas access to art and culture, giving them skills and hoping to affect the community in a positive way. Have a look:Tile Workshop, Rio de Janeiro

If you would like to learn more or support this project, write to Laura at the email on her blog…

Auditions for PROJECT CATWALK: Season 3

Project Catwalk
Project Catwalk - the UK version of Project Runway- is back for a third season and looking for contestants.

The series is currently casting - looking for 12 talented and hungry fashion designers to compete against each other in a series of challenges. You must be available over the summer to film in London …

Project Catwalk
The winning designer will win substantial cash prize to kick start their collection, had their designs specially featured in the pages of top fashion magazines and had the chance to take up mentorship’s with leading designers.

If interested contact them at:

21 May 2007

More around town...London

Photo of the girl in the green boots above, taken by our friend and photographer Simona Aru

16 May 2007

Coming Saturday…London

You may remember John above who was one of our early interview subjects and who mentioned his friend Simon (below) the owner of the London hair salon Pimps & Pin-Ups. Simon will be answering Six Questions ™ to be posted Saturday…