29 Jun 2007

Around town...London

Her shoes were made of tennis-ball fabric

15 Jun 2007

Out at nite...London

These are the best days of the year with the sun setting after 9 pm...

14 Jun 2007

Two Movies...

You may recall that we were shadowed by DWTV (the German equivalent of BBC World) a few weeks ago… Below the movie they produced which was aired last Saturday on their channel:

Untitled from The Style Scout on Vimeo.

Below the movie we shot of Rebecca and Monti while we were being filmed…

Untitled from The Style Scout on Vimeo.

9 Jun 2007

Merchants ... Brick Lane ... London

Julie from JulieP

We met this couple a few months ago when we posted their photo , they are graffiti artists: Interzez