28 Feb 2009

The International Red Brigade


We saw a lot of red both on the catwalk and around the tent.

Ann Louise Roswald

I spotted this woman leaving the tent in a hurry in a great red coat. I asked who had designed it and when she said “I did” I had to ask who she was… it turned out she is Ann Louise Roswald the British fashion designer.

Red shoes

27 Feb 2009

Black, grey and silver

Leather Jacket

A fierce ensemble complete with the fierce hairstyle.

25 Feb 2009

23 Feb 2009

LFW Day 3…

Eley Kishimoto AW 09/10
Anyone struggling to get to the shows on Sunday after the long night before of so many parties and events would have been richly rewarded for their dedication by seeing ELEY KISHIMOTO’S new collection which is titled Jet Set Marsala. Here is a movie of the final walk through of the show, which we thought you might enjoy …

ELEY KISHIMOTO A/W '09 from The Style Scout on Vimeo.

If you would like to see more movies of their shows they have the past five years worth of films of their catwalk collections posted at their website...

Vintage Leather

Perhaps because of the toughening economic conditions, we noticed that the men in and around the shows seemed to be dressed more sartorially than expected at London fashion week…

Purple Cardi and Bow Tie

Girls still want to have fun...As it is London and fashion after all!

Pink Boa

We saw a lot of fun fur and associated fabrics from berets to boas….

Pink Fur

Finally we met the future of fashion journalism when we were approached by a girl who did not look much older than 12 who asked if she could take a photo of our shoes for her blog. Naturally we obliged and learned that she is also a blogger and has a very cool website…

Brains Beauty

Look out Anna Wintour …

Brains Beauty

22 Feb 2009

LFW more day 2 - Tents and Topshop

zebra shoes
We wanted to add some photos for you to enjoy as we dash back to the tents. This subject had a great energy and was tall and is you can see from her shoes (also seen on the Ashish catwalk) she became even taller. I also like the matching belt, which I mentioned to her as we were setting up for the shot but she told me “I’m not sure if the matchy–matchy look is still happening”. I reassured her it must be “because you’re wearing it” which made her smile and I think enhanced the photo…

grey dress
We really loved this girl’s dress, which she told us she had actually found and then personalised and styled by adding the black ribbon and ruching herself…

cherry coat
Taking this shot almost caused an international street fashion photography incident, as unknown to me, kneeling behind me as I setup this shot was Yvan the Facehunter who was upset when I stepped back and almost trampled on him, but caught myself just in time, as he screamed out “I’m not a dog”…

21 Feb 2009

London Fashion Week - Day 2

LFW Intro
We were delighted to attend the second day of London Fashion Week, and had nice seats at John Rocha, one of the UK’s truly talented high fashion designers. Naturally, this category of design usually focuses on cut and silhouette using a simple colour palette anchored in black, white, beige, taupe or the grey’s and I gasped when unexpectedly, the first of a fabulous group of bright orange pieces, which he called geranium red, hit the catwalk.

Susie Bubble
At the conclusion of the Topshop event we caught up with old friends and subjects we have photographed before. Susie Bubble was there, looking fabulously stylish as usual and we discussed the new magazine LOVE.

Phoebe Arnold
Talking of LOVE, Phoebe Arnold who we met when she was at Pop magazine, and who you may recall we photographed back then is now a fashion editor at LOVE and posed for us again.

Pixie Geldof
I also introduced myself to Pixie Geldof, who initially caught my attention because of her great eye makeup and is not only very stylish but also very nice and was kind enough to pose for a photo.

Green Cardi
Finally, if you’re a fan of all the street fashion blogs, you may agree with me that this gentleman, whose name I did not catch, would be a perfect candidate for The Sartorialist. Which, I mentioned to him and a funny coincidence; he knows Scott…

20 Feb 2009

Great editions of Takeoff & Love on newsstands this month...


The excitement this week in the run-up to London Fashion Week is the launch of LOVE magazine whose first edition hit newsstands yesterday. It is another creation of Katie Grand who gave us Pop, the first super-glossy magazine.

Already, the excitement has spread to Paris, with a window at Collette taken over to push their sales of the magazine and a special collector’s T-shirt.

However, we are much more excited at Style Scout because this week in Paris Takeoff Magazine featuring a spread of our photographs is also hitting the newsstands.

So if you’re picking up a copy of Love, also pick up Takeoff!

18 Feb 2009

Winter Floral

The Flower Skirt

A lovely combo of winter florals, the grey blazer and red details...

15 Feb 2009

Lunch break on Brick Lane

Because this subject was dashing to have his lunch we did not get to discuss his look. However, if asked, my first thoughts would be that it’s a New Romantic’s answer for a day-into-evening outfit...

10 Feb 2009

1 Feb 2009

The gentlemen and the joker


This gentleman was so elegant, but to capture this photo was really difficult because as you will see from the photo below, a crazy attention-seeking joker would jump into the frame every time we tried to take the photo. The subject was becoming very irritated, which only energised the joker.