1 Feb 2009

The gentlemen and the joker


This gentleman was so elegant, but to capture this photo was really difficult because as you will see from the photo below, a crazy attention-seeking joker would jump into the frame every time we tried to take the photo. The subject was becoming very irritated, which only energised the joker.



Victoria Feng said...

i love the v-neck sweater! do you know where I can buy it?

Anonymous said...

OMG so funny!

Anonymous said...

Argh! How annoying! I take the photo's for www.fashbashsoundclash.blogspot.com and any jokers like this sound funny but it's so annoying especially when everyones cold and freezing to death anyway!
But despite that i like this guys sleek look with his blazor and cap! Good find!

Nicky X

Estudio 4 said...

i think the comparison of the pic is quite well,
the joker jumped in the perfect shot!
i like itttt!

stephanie-sarah said...

beautiful blazer