28 Oct 2008

Denim Shorts at Stuart Semple's Denim event

denim shorts

We went to Stuart Semple's denim event at Selfridges the other day and found plenty to photograph. I love her denim shorts with tights and the ankle boots.

26 Oct 2008

A tiny touch of red

red headband

The red headband adds just enough colour to the ensemble...

25 Oct 2008

19 Oct 2008

School Trip


And these two fashionistas weren't even there for fashion week! they were at the museum for a school trip! Both completely blended in with the fashion crowd though...

15 Oct 2008



I am loving the "anonymous" sunglasses...plus, the plaid trousers and gold shoes, very cool.

13 Oct 2008

Flowers in her hair


A girl with flowers in her hair... the red shoes and all accessories work well together.

11 Oct 2008

Cape and skinnies


I am loving her cape with the skinny jeans! She was a fellow fashion stalker around The Natural History Museum during Fashion Week.

8 Oct 2008

Tokyo street style in London...


This girl made me think of Fruits and Tokyo Street Style in general. Love her shoes.

6 Oct 2008

A portrait of urban coolness

hip hop sm

In my opinion fashion always has a spot saved for hip-hop. I am a fan of this look as an expression of urban coolness...The only look (apart from Stella McCartney's line for Adidas) that gets away with a tracksuit bottom.This is Shantell Martin and she was at the Beyond the Valley event we attended last month.

Shantell is an amazing visual artist! I just visited her blog and watched the interview below, awesome:

4 Oct 2008

Robin Hood inspired?

mac, hat and boots

The boots, the belt over the mac, the hat, the length of the jeans, all working together in perfect synergy...