31 Jul 2011

Susie Lau, Commecial St..

Every one seemed to be out enjoying one of London's rare sunny days this past Friday.  Above Susie Lau out with a team doing something for terrestrial tv...

30 Jul 2011

Visit to Selfridges...

I have always loved Selfridges... As an infant, up until till the age of six, I had my hair cut at Selfridges... Back then the top floor was all children's, hair toys and a little tea shop for treats or to celebrate your birthday party...

Still now I enjoy a rush of excitment when I enter the store but unlike when I was a kid I now avoid the circular doors, especially as I'm currently walking with a cane... Consequently, I was delighted when this woman greeted and helped me find my floor... It could have been how I imagine it would be done in Tokyo or perhaps on a much more intimate scale at Daslu são Paulo... I did not catch the woman's name, just lazy on my part but I hope one day Mary Portas will recruit her to do something for her org, perhaps something in training...

29 Jul 2011

Loved the Look... The Old Truman Brewery


Recommendations: victimfashionst.com in the same part of town

Maihui is launching

Victim's pop up-shop
25 th July till 9 th aug
AT: Eclectic gallery
66 Marylebone Hight st

11 am till 6 pm

25 Jul 2011

Predicted: Pleasently sunny in LDN all week...


Yellow is the color of sun rays... Keep on Movin' or for an early evening set Jazzie's Groove... >>>

22 Jul 2011

Could be NYC or Los Angeles... When the sun shines in LDN

DSC_0066 Pick a song >>>

I’ve been spending a lot of time painting because of mobility problems, expecting my third knee operation since ’03, any time now….

Luisa says I seemed happy recently to go to hospital in an ambulance... I actually did have a nice day, except being nil-by-mouth for almost 24hrs…

Gasping for a flat and warm coke, flat to enjoy the taste without being distracted by the bubbles… After my flat coke the sun was out and I was inspired to paint the above... The power of branding; "I drink Coca~Cola"

19 Jul 2011

What music/fashion tribe?

Love the look... If I were styling an anime characters I'd use her as my reference for a "Super-tall, Rock-Baby-Doll character with Fierce make-up"...  I wish I'd asked what music she was listening to... 

18 Jul 2011

Lots of people wearing black on the streets...

Looking at this photo I realised I had photographed this woman before >>>third image down

Meanwhile, I love pic of the BSA "Bantam" below by the Blogger PaperThinBen...
I owned this bike in red, in 1970,  which I bought already old, used and a little battered... I had a few friends who also had bikes but I preferred to ride alone... Enjoying the elements...

16 Jul 2011

Living for the weekend...

Untitled-15 "Glow-Boy-Glow" (G-B-G) was the first website I ever built, over Thanksgiving weekend in 1995 the premisse was not far from that of a blog...

The idea behind the website was to match photos found on the web with the music track that best represented the look... Not sure why but this pic makes me thing O'Jays "Living for the Weekend" or "I Love Music" >>>

15 Jul 2011

Charlotte in Red...

Working hard in PR and looking fun and flirty in red from Primemark... The bag by Guess we added for an extra something, because this pic was taken in their showroom at the press day for this collection, hitting stores about now... Honestly, it saddens me to say the collection was a little disappointing, as it had almost no denim and the little they offered seemed timid and too soft...

13 Jul 2011

From the Archive.... Sept 2010


Only because I genuinely agree that this would be of interest to StyleScout LDN's readers and because Stephen Jones seems very nice:

This is a call out to the design community to team up with Stephen Jones and Vogue UK for an opportunity to get noticed by the fashion/design world and receive a 2 week internship in London.

Stephen Jones, one of the world’s finest milliners, is inviting designers to submit a photograph or illustration of their originally designed hat for the chance to be a part of Hats: An Anthology, an exhibition hosted by the Bard Graduate Center in New York City. The exhibit is a collaboration between Stephen Jones and the V&A and has previously attracted over 350,000 visitors in London and Brisbane. The selected hat will be displayed in the Bard Graduate Center Gallery as part of the exhibition. Stephen Jones is looking for originality and creativity and encourages participants to use any kind of material - from paper to metal, fabric to feathers, card to plastic.

Jones and Dolly Jones, Editor of Britain's Vogue.com will choose the winners from all qualified submissions with special consideration for the top voted entries.

The winning hat will be displayed at the Bard Graduate Center Gallery for the duration of Hats: An Anthology (September 2011 - April 2012). The winner will also receive:
- A two week internship with Stephen Jones in London (travel and accommodation in London are the responsibility of the winner)*
- Two tickets to the opening night party of Hats: An Anthology at the BardGraduate Center in New York City on the 14th of September 2011 (travel and accommodation in New York are the responsibility of the winner)
- A signed copy of Stephen Jones’ book Hats: An Anthology
- A one year membership to the V&A in London
- Global exposure by having their design featured on stephenjonesmillinery.com, his Facebook page and Britain's Vogue.com

>>> Vogue/Promotions/Stephen-Jones-design-Competition

It would be nice if one of my readers wins... Good Luck and BW  Robert & The Tuc's xXx

12 Jul 2011

Nice look...

Although perhaps a teensy-weensy-bit too "Death In Venice"...

11 Jul 2011

Blogger: La Petite Anglaise...

I was such a pleasure to meet Ella Catliff 'ake' Ella-LaPetiteAnglaise.com on her way to an Armani event further up Bond Street last Thursday...

I love Peter Pan collars as does Ella and she let me smooch it out of her jacket to make sure it showed in the pic...

I like working with colour and as I processed Ella's photo I saw a simalirity in the fresh colours catching my eye on the street and the colours I love in my design references from 2004...


9 Jul 2011

From the Archive and on Trend...


Out that evening Luisa and friends kept suggesting that I ask this man if I could take his picture... Wasant sure I wanted to bother but did anyway..

However, I'm glad I because he is so on trend (except for the sox) with the ease in the pants, the layering the skinny belt... Not that long ago, this was The Look>>>

8 Jul 2011

Art Night: Emily Young, Sculptor

Posing with her younger brother Thoby Kennet, the writer and occasional marble polisher...
More>>> Yesterday evening at her opening at The Fine Art Society, 148 New Bond Street...

The Family photo, with Lady Kennet seated, surrounded by some of her six children, and many of the grand children who were in town... I love calling on her when she's at home with Thoby, as she is always so welcoming,  although I have heard in around-about-ways, that I'm known around the household as  Thoby's loud friend...

Another artist attending the opening, standing in front of a photo of Emily's home, a former convent in the Tuscany hills, where she sculpts and is developing the old property as a potential Art's Learning and Forum Center...

7 Jul 2011



Love the denim pants which she made herself... (Japanese salvage denim £15m.)

1 Jul 2011

Summer Sophistication...

Modern, Fresh, Neat and Sexy Shorts... Love her look
PS: Nice watch but what sunnies should she wear?