1 Jul 2011

Summer Sophistication...

Modern, Fresh, Neat and Sexy Shorts... Love her look
PS: Nice watch but what sunnies should she wear?


Daisy said...

Nice dress. I like to wear stripes in Summer too.

BLOG: said...

Cat eye sunglasses I think would go well :)

Jazz said...

Prada Baroque sunnies in blue and white would look brilliant with those shorts! If though on a budget like 98% of the world I would get some catseye frames a la 80spurple. THE SHORTS ARE AMAZING.

JT Paradox said...

Lovely photography. Thanks for the London style inspiration!


Quintessentially Stylish by Paige said...

great look - kinda getting an All American preppy vibe from the outfit.

I think she should wear Big round Jackie O-type shades

: D

check out my version of preppy-sporty look, which I did here: