26 Aug 2008

Italians... Portobello

italian couple

The red plaid is ubiquitous right now... and here is one of the many examples I will be posting in these coming days. These two illustrate well my obsession with couples that dress alike and are, therefore, part of the same "fashion tribe". I always ask myself if they meet and are attracted because they dress alike, or if one serves as fashion inspiration to the other as the relationship evolves... Any thoughts?


giulia sagramola said...

I'm italian and here this kind of style is the normality, I don't like it. It's not so personal. I prefere european style, like uk or scandinavian, it's more individual. Here everybody dresses with brands tagged everywere (D&G, Cavalli, Richmond)... it's boring..

But your blog it's lovely, I really like it!

Olviya said...

well, their outfits are veryyy bright. but, i like the colors white and red. in fact, this guy is looking very cool and funny! cant say i like the girls outfit - its too freeky, as for me.

Anonymous said...

we are the italian guys in the picture... we answer saying: we don't dress always outfit..we adapt our style to any situation! anything.. we thanks the style scout made this picture and posted it to her site.. thank you.

Anonymous said...

I think they both look great (not too keen on the guys sunglasses though) their style is very colourful and they both compliment eachother well.