12 Aug 2008

Purple dress and gladiator sandals


I loved her purple dress and I was determined to take a photo even though she tried to "chooo" me away. She thought I was one of the annoying charity workers in South Molton street and I had to explain that I to plea for the love of scouting... those charity workers can be really pushy and they are making my life difficult, everyone in South Molton Street looks at me funny and try to run away when I approach them now!


Jay said...

You've got to learn to flirt indiscriminately like the charity muggers too - they're shameless chat-up merchants, anything in order to get you to stop and talk. I never give them anything (being broke), but absolutely enjoy the compliments nonetheless!

Anonymous said...

Ahhh when I go hunting I make sure I avoid the area where the charity ppl hang around like in South Molton Street, Covent Garden and Leicester Sq.

Good work though.

Dulwich_News said...

Yeah, hard to avoid the pushy charity workers... I am a terrible flirt and at the slightest sign of the person not being available for a shot, I just turn and run away! I am getting better though.

Anonymous said...

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