1 Sept 2011

Danish visitor outside a popular café on Brick Lane...



An old friend and famous New York garmento whom I first met as Michael Shirer (back then the wing-man for the legendary Gene Pressman) had a great gift for choosing winners in the 1980's... And the 80's are back but what city is the center of hip and cool this time around?

For NYC back when it was super-cool:

“The Performance Artist”
One-act play in repertory with “His and Hers”
a new romantic comedy, 
both by 
Michael Skidmore
September 7-10th @ 8 pm
September 11 @ 3 pm

One of may my favorite luxury British brands Brora, tonight and because I love knits I'll try to drop by to see what colours they are showing and how they are layering them?


Lila said...

what a beautiful woman! like it

Monika said...

beautiful girl..

Lauren said...

Simple and gorgeous! I absolutely love it!

The Styleseer

Allkindsofsunglasses said...

she has a stylish look to her.

Cami said...

love the hair <3!

Anonymous said...

she is so cute

Plami said...

She's so damn beautiful!



Bellena said...

Well every one known simply is the best. She has really capability to attract the eye.. looking pretty.