4 Oct 2007

Hello everyone...

We know we have been extremely absent, but many things happened in the last couple of months and we are still adapting to a new routine... we may post again soon and we want to thank you the overwhelming number of messages asking us to continue posting!


Anonymous said...

Yess .. I cant wait :]

Rafe Totengco said...

hope all is well. don't give up.

Susana Rodrigues said...

be back soon :)

The.color/Baby-Blue said...

Hi there,

I love your Job. I'll linked you on my blog. Check that out and if you want, do the same thing for me. I'd really appreciate it.
Well, thank you and don't stop catching people with your camera.


See ya

Anonymous said...

Hurry back!!!!

xox Girl and the City


be-fabulous said...

Always as much of perspicacity in the choice of your remarks!!!!! By the same occasion, I allow myself to do a little pub for our blog on the last fashion week. It's composed of videos turned daily to the entry and the exit of the principal shows. Don't hesitate to leave your judicious comments!!!


Helga Kern Naumczyk said...

Really nice website! I created one too: http://modaderuadeportoalegre.blogspot.com/

I'm going to add you!



Hello, THE STYLE SCOUT, this is NM Media co. of Seoul, South Korea.

We saw your blog and impressed by your works.

We are doing free "offline street fashion magazine" by using current street fashion snap photos as a main subject.

And we have a plan to publish the first global street fashion magazine.

We are inquirying about whether we can publish your works on our magazine(monthly published).
If you send us original copies of still photos of about 5 to 10 people monthly, that are going to be printed in "foreign country part" of our magazine.

And we can send you Korean street snap photos of more than 30 people every month if you want.

Also we will indicate copyrights, site addresses and the name of photographers on your works.

That will be printed as pictorial magazine, and the names of photographers will be printed as our special representative.
By sharing the street photos of different cultures, we think it will be able to contribute to the development of street fashion that is not mainstream yet.

And help you for your international status and PR of your blog to world fashion people.
(We are doing with Spain, Germany, New Zealand, Israel, Poland, Argentina, Estonia, Ukraina, and etc)

We will send several volumes of magazine we publish to you.

And also your works will get pages by amount of your pictures.
(if you support us 5 images, you can get 5 pages of our magazine.)

We think it will be great chance to not only us but also you.

We think it will show good synergy as parters of each other.
Please e-mail me. I would like to discuss details later on.

Rhee (drheehs@gmail.com)

CEO, NM Media

Heeseok Rhee
NM Media.co, Republic of Korea

Anonymous said...

Dear Sir/Madam,

This is Mei Mei Ng from Milk Magazine in Hong Kong.

Our company will launch new magazine in China.In the new magazine,we will built up the snap shot section about street fashion.So we would like to buy some snap shot from your blog,of course,we will pay for them,if you have any interest about this job,pls send some low-res images to us for reference,the following is our request:

1.The images must be vertical,male or female,whole body(the shoe can be seen).
2.People can sit down or stand up.
3.Outdoor and prefer in day light.
4.The resolution of image must be high that enough to post in full page(the size of our magazine is around 215 X 270mm).
5.Pls write down the description including where to shot,name,age and brand name.
6.Prefer to f/w clothing.

Looking forward to your reply!

Milk Magazine
Ng Mei Mei
Tel:3120 3165/9860 7032
Fax:2250 7315

Anonymous said...

Do come back soon. I've always enjoyed your interviews.

*Sere said...

I found your blog today, I think it's really nice and interesting =P
I've linked you on mine, (don't bother checking it out if you don't want to, it has NOTHING to do about fashion hehehe),
Anywayy, I hope you post soon so I can come and see more pics,
God, I love London! I wish I can go there someday!! =)
Kisses from Argentina!

Pierre said...

Umm, I'm not with an East Asian magazine, but please do come back!