26 Jul 2007

England still raining


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

i'm pretty sure i worked with this guy.

Weekly Blogette said...

This guy screams casual...but in a good way. Although I think that coat/sweater of his is a bit long.

Fashion Fleur said...

great style!

Anonymous said...


stephen said...

so charming

Unknown said...

What's up in London? Still no new pictures?

Anonymous said...

Un Fille Mozarella, Tres Bien!

Le stockholm, news!

OnTheCorner said...

>> onthecornerstreetstyle.blogspot.com

Anonymous said...

ce n'est pas chaque année où vous rencontrez une nouvelle photo sexy de rue qui a également la banane bonne!

Anonymous said...

Love the socks with sandals, he actually pulls it off. but what does the card say?

stephen said...

this is ridiculously charming!

btw, i adore your blog - your pics are brill!
please check out seattle's newest street style blog:


many thanks

Anonymous said...

Amazing fashion blog, photos, and commentary. I'm hooked on your site and am subscribed to get the latest feeds now. FYI, I'm also starting a fashion blog chronicling the latest in fashion on my college campus with commentary by yours truly. Check it out at http://jonaevilleneuve.wordpress.com/ It's just in the beginning stages, but once school gets started and the blogs gets up and rolling, it should be a pretty kickin' site.

Anonymous said...

Hay !
this is a comment from israel !@
i like this blog !

נו, תגובה מישראל, לא תיכנסו?

OnTheCorner said...

Buenos Aires Fashion Week by onthecorner street style

>> onthecornerstreetstyle.blogspot.com

Anonymous said...

I'm waiting for new poooosts :)

Arsheen said...

nice jacket/coat...still raining in dublin too

fanny said...

i need to marry this guy

Unknown said...

Nice fashion blog.Great stylish jacket.His
sandal and socks looks nice.Great post,keep upgrading.Thanks.

Nita said...

why is he soooo unbeliavbly charmingly gingerly handsome.?
i think im in love with him.

Anonymous said...

Where are new photos from LDN?! I miss this city much!


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Carissa Duhamel said...

Come back, style scout!

Anonymous said...

I'm not really into the sandals, loving the jacket though. And the boy's cute. :)

Anonymous said...

Awww .. Why no update recently?

Pimpumpam said...

hi cool your blog....please look at me..we can share also the link!


underneath said...

Artstudent? Not sure about the sandals.. alltough Muccia Prada invented the look.

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Unknown said...

Going of the title, I just found this and don't know how to tell enough people! It's just my, my favorite thing ever!

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Anonymous said...

So incredibly European. I LOVE it.
Not the sweater but the overall look. I do like the socks and sandals but he would look too too casual out with me and my Chanel handbag. He IS just about the right age to be interesting tho. . .

dining tables said...

I never thought that you can be so fashionable even when raining. I need that outfit. I know that outfit is going to fit me so well.