9 Jul 2007

Truman Brewery...London



Business cooperation proposal

Hello , this is nm media of Seoul, South Korea. we impressed by your photo, espeially your street shot!

We are preparing to start free "street fashion megazine" by using current street fashion snap photos as a main subject.

We are inquirying about whether we can publish your snap photos in our megazines(monthly published).

If you give us original copies of still photos of about 5~10 people monthly, that are going to be printed in "foreign country part"

of our megazines, we will send you Korean street snap photos of more than 30 people every month.

Also we will indicate copyrights, site addresses and the your name of photographers on your photos

that will be printed as pictorial megazine, and publish the names of photographers as our special representative.

Even though there is no financial compensation, by sharing the street photos of different cultures,

we think it will be able to contribute to the development of street fashion that is yet non-mainstream,

and help you for your international status.

We think it will show good synergy as parters of each other.

Please e-mail me. I would like to discuss details later on.

Ji Hyuk, SHIN
Leader of planning part, nm Media

brooke said...


love the sweater, looks like ben sherman, or maybe penguin?


Edwin said...

he's got a nice pair of jeans and shoe. is that jeans from APC?

LYNN and HORST said...

wanna go out with me?

Kombo said...

If I'd been a man I'd been a lot like you...love your style. Not extraordinary, but still cool. Laidback and shit-hot!

Anonymous said...

hot pic.