9 Feb 2012

Blade-Runner-Meets-Venus-in-Furs, LDN's Cold & Tessa Jowell for our next London Mayor...


We are feeling giddy here in LDN with the advent of Fashion Week even though it always seemed silly to me to do runway when we could all just as easy walk around Garden Garden (think Nell Gwyn "All of life is a stage).

I think that the bi-annual fashion parade should be merchandised as entertainment, becoming London's main carnival?

The creative industries need seed-money to create work... Where's Tessa Jowell when we need her?

If she knows anything about export promotion she should be our next Mayor of London, sorry if Boris is your friend but it's either Ms Jowell or the ex-cop from Lambeth (and I've met them both). He's a little gloomy and I'm not sure if he can make it as a polotion because he cannot lie with a straight face and I think he knows it.

Robert, StyleScout LDN

PS: Perhaps Boris could give you a Trade & Development role now and he can keep his job, if he works with the city and the banks to get cash-flow for us. Think FACTORING

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Julia said...

OH my god! I'm amazed and I love it.

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