26 Jan 2012

Feel's like '87, NYC The GOLDEN YEAR for Music...

This paragraph started as a PS! So If your a into grammar you shouldn't get mad at me because this was brought to you by Dragon Systems.

In the 80's I was looking for new music because by then LA was flat, every one wearing very sad Girbaud with JAZZ shoes...

Anyone looking for the same in 87 somehow got themselves to New York...

I got hours part-time at hours Barneys on 17th Street, The only guy I met who knew called Vinny D, he was with Keith manager his label was Ventertainment.

A big funny  guy,  some times came shopping with him Vinny liked Ferrè 001, the was very street and had great lines the best one that's now mine: "If I'm carressing them, man I'm undressing them." he was funny and his crew were wild

They stopped coming around (but back then when you worked for Barneys wealthy guys litteral sat on a banquet  chating amoungst themselves waithing for their turn to buy the most expensive stuff found in the City)

Michael, a security type I knew from new haven,  told me he he heard the big guy went down and I never saw him again but I know it  The Notorious B.I.G.

Now for my PS: Sorry, I suffer from painfully grinding dyslexia so  if you read this thursday  the people here I work with,  editing always say their  listerning to me but seems they never HEAR what I say, Iknow what the big guy would have done...

Diary of a Flâneur © Sex Drugs & Music/Money ©  2011 by R. Cassidy

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