24 Sept 2011


Philip Salon
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The Artist/Comedian and one of the organisers Miriam Elia, Bio sold out the evening and raised money for the charity... Congrats xxx The art exhibition runs through Monday 26th September 2011 Finally, over the series of events, I met so many wonderful people interested in mental health but none that I met talking on the subject was the book below, A basic for anyone on the Road Less Travelled
The guys below were supposed to be stopping traffic... I was distracted because I had just managed to light a smoke in the wind.. But the Parkour Star in my pics were not good enough for him and he then did some great Free-Running moves ever more complicated... Until the cops came by, very friendly asking us to move... Thank goodness, before one of us got clipped by a car... DSC_0008 Parkour-Street_Free-Running_Celeb2 
Below: The Tucs who loves to make art in the garden with me was at the Venice Biennial yesterday... "I can do that" he's thinking or "should I tidy that up?" but rather take the bait has decided to be a junior Flâneur (English slang equivlent: old flannel artist Verb. To flatter.) and just look and try and find some thing nice to say



Unknown said...

Beautiful people. Love x

Unknown said...

Thanks Robert. Great idea,will let you know. x