19 Sept 2011

Fred Butler SS12 an evening event at The Portico Rooms, SomersetHouse

DSC_0020 DSC_0007DSC_0011 Channelling Frida Kahlo... DSC_0029 DisneyRollerGirl DSC_0032
These pics remind me of club kids in NYC back in the day, when I was an early homesteader to the meat-packing district, hanging with Connie and Billy Metz... Billy was an opinionated Queen but with great taste who grew up in Clark NJ, and someone who was always embroiled in a feud with a friend... He lived for a time at The Chelsea Hotel , but after one party could not face the mess back at his room's and never returned to the hotel... Only a week later he was installed in a very small studio which he covered in gray flannel wool to look masculine, which it did except for the large dolls house which he wanted us all to work over the winter... But I soon tired of the irony of the situation, which Billy felt and we fell out... Michael Kors held something in his memory at the Duplex but sent regrets explaining I was up in Westchester hobbling around on crutches after my first knee break... When actual the reason being that I always associated that bar with show tunes which I'v never gotten...


Anonymous said...

Wow, interesting...there's nothing like a good old colour frenzy!

Lauren said...

Some wild looks here - nicely captured.

The Styleseer