27 Jun 2011

Bermonsey, London...

Seemed genuinely surprised I would want to take her pic...
I met this woman on the grounds of Guy's Hospital... When I was a toddler a little older than Tuc's my parents and I took a very small two room flat in the Guinness Buildings on Pages Walk, just off the Old Kent Road in Bermondsey. Built around the 1890’s the estate was made up of three blocks, which comprised 600 dwellings divided by large yards where children ran around and played.

In 1960 residents were moved to other estates so that electricity could be installed... When I watch old Brit movies of the time they look a little depressing almost seedy, one every one likes is Blow Up >>>


Lauren said...

Wonderful outfit - very British!

The Styleseer

Rachael said...

This outfit is so cute! Love the skirt and the collar!!