1 Mar 2011

Different Photographer for a Different StyleScout LDN P.O.V



These StyleScout LDN Photos by Trevor_Saint (Not exactly where to link to him in the Bloggersphere?)

I love Trevor Saint's images, We went out together on his first pro shoot, and I made him schlepp around LFW in torrential rain... Never fun being soaked to the skin on a cold day... Especially out with me! To amuse myself I've turned it up to Number 11 on the Spinal-Tap-Scale-of-loudness... I think Trevor will soon be doing editorial shoots....

Photo: Trevor Saint shooting at the Belle Sauvage show...


Maria Maliki said...

beautiful girls

Rosalind said...

I think he did a wonderful job (but obviously I'm being biased as my photo is up there!) However, it was very lovely to meet the both of you, and to have my photo taken.