5 Feb 2011

Chic in Camel...


This woman was a wonderful New Yorker and consequently I decided to shot her from the classic NYC Canyon view.

Coat: Vintage Donna Karan
Jewelry: Chanel
Eyewear: Gucci
Bag: Prada

Loved the duster, right on trend; the same silhouette as a cape. I have always felt a connection to Mrs. Karan because of meeting her a few times over the years and consequently I follow her work.

I like that Mrs. Karan has always understood the drama and romance of New York and, although its not my place to chide her, I wish she would ignore trends. Not her fault because US designers need to be so market driven always driven to grow and expand to stay in business...

Funny story, years ago I sold Armani at Bloomingdales, who advertised in the main Sunday newspaper in Sao Paulo, Brazil. At Christmas and we were constantly being asked by Brazilian visitors "where is Dickney?"

One day a customer so irritated by our head scratching, abruptly spelt out "DKNY"!

It was an "ahaa moment" and we all smiled amongst ourselves...


Agne said...

i like her coat :)


hippyatheart said...

really a great, yet elegant laied back look!

BohemiaJewellery said...

Love the Hair!

Unknown said...

so chic!