26 Oct 2010

All Westwood, LDN


I always like to visit the Blogs of the commenter’s of this blog and recently I have seen a strong trend emerging promoting the benefits of all the new styles of Wellies.

Years ago wellies were seen in black or khaki green and if you were lucky navy or red but never with a heel. But with today’s fashion taking a leap we now have wellies in all colors, patterns, styles and textures to suit all fashion followers. Wellies have hit the web and the high street with a twist. They are now styled with a wedge!

Wellies are now seen on the catwalk from Burberry to D&G who showcased cork wedge wellies in their collection! With the UK’s wet climate and the snow of last winter Wellies are somewhat of a necessity and I’m looking for a pair for as fantastic investment to walk baby Arthur and Louie (the dog) on our local common.

If you have a link to a great pair that would make a fashion statement this winter, please tell us in the comments!

VivaLaDiva helped provide a lot of the information for this post and I would like to thank them for their assistance...


fruentimmeret said...


The woman in red ;)

Have a nice week

Greetings from Norway

Kori said...

I just recently found out that Rockport carries the most amazing wellies. I want!

Eleanor said...

really cool. the shoes are amazing!! :) http://improcrastinate.blogspot.com xxx

Casia said...

I love wellies! But in Barcelona we just use them a few rainy days. I've got a pair and i've worn them 2 times! :(
I also talk about wellies in my blog! Fashion blog/shop from Barcelona. xxxx


Casia said...

I love wellies!!!!


Rachael said...

Meanwhile, I love that red blazer she has! So pretty!


Anonymous said...

I'm voting for Burberry. They're my favorite! I've had mine for years.

Anonymous said...

I'm in love with the shiny black Legend Wedge Wellies from WedgeWelly.

Anonymous said...

I just found a amazing peace of work and i found it. Her red dress is so lovely.

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