20 Sept 2010

Peony Left, Rowan Right

The "Blog-of-the-moment" has to be theirs and they can write... Love it oxo >> PhotographingRealPeople.blogspot.com


Verity Jones said...

Oh my God, I love both of these girls!
How can neither of them have a job in the fashion industry yet!? Someone needs to snap them up!
Both outfits are so different, but individually amazing. Well crafted and well thought out - perfection.

Anonymous said...

Can you please tell me for which site they are blogging. I couldn't understand it.
Thanks and greetings from Austria,

Verity Jones said...

I love love love these girls!
I have been following their blog through LFW - amazing.
How have neither of them got a job in fashion!? Someone needs to snap them up sharpish!
Beautiful outfits on two beautiful girls - so well put together and thought out, as have all of their LFW costumes been. I watch with baited breath each day to see what they come up with next!
Watch and learn ladies.

Dulwich_News said...


Fashion Geek chronicles said...

its fashion baybeeeeeeeee


ELLE said...

Haha I really love how you ask your subjects questions- so enthusiastic! Hope I bump into your cam at fashion week!

escalante blogger said...

Very lovely ladies. They look so cool, so attractive and gorgeous.