23 Sept 2010

Around the Westwood Show



Philip Salon the New Romantics legend and club promoter
Running late to the show...


Monika said...

I love first outfit, it's amazing!

Jeremy Hackett: Designer Menswear Blog said...

I love the second shot - the hair and makeup are really fantastic.

Nicole Trundle said...

This are awsome, Do you know who this dudey is in the last photo, I see him everywhere, and am SO intrigued, eeshk. You took a photo of my outside Vauxhall Fashion Freemasons Hal, and I would love to see it, it you could email it to me perhaps, nicoletrundle@yahoo.co.uk

Many Thanks xx

I had a fur colar on and military boots. x

Unknown said...

The first lady and her outfit is stunning.I like her secure play with pattern mix and match and the oversized silhouettes. later, FashionLifeCoach

The Photodiarist said...

Fantastic. The first photo and outfit are really stunning, though.