10 Aug 2010

London Style: Everything from Charity Shops...


This subject had come up from Devon in the west country, staying in London much longer then she had expected. She needed things to wear and went Charity shop hunting.
Everything she was wearing she told me was from charity shops. Notice the safety-pin holding her skirt closed on her left hip....


Ashes said...

Wow she looks great, really granny chic! I love shopping at charity shops, you can find some amazing pieces.


davidikus said...

Almost all my clothes come Charity shops too. I don't look like a granny, though, I hope!


Hannah said...

Amazing outfit, I wish I could walk into a charity shop and find an outfit this awesome! Fab style x

styleeast said...

Very nice. I'm quite into this skirt length at the moment, and it looks great on her

Indie Ways said...

Love your post !
How we dress is all about us, and your post is excellent example.
Charity shops are best place to dress indie when you have your own style.
Fill so sorry for this who dont have it and have to pay high price .
Lovely blog Ienjoyed and looking forward for more .