15 Jan 2010

The scarf



Anonymous said...

Great scarf, reminds me of those comfy grandma shawls.


taza said...

naaa, it's the wall!

don't move, pal, that wall suits ya!

Lactose Intoler-Art said...

Really great shot and interesting style. I love the cap. That's the first I've seen of someone on the street style sites wearing it. I wonder if they'll start this trend! Cool.

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eBooks said...


twila said...

it looks so cute with your jacket!

meraldia said...

Very impressive!

Olviya said...

the hat is interesting too)

Beth said...

Love the scarf. The hat is great too!

TrendGiveAfuck said...

It was good until the jeans jacket. Ough :( Nice try to have her own style.

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That Chelsea Girl™ said...

Between the scar and the boots, I'm not sure which I like more!

Anonymous said...


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Striped Shirts said...

That scarf is awesome!