29 Jan 2010



Passing 127 Brick Lane, I saw and loved this girl's Balenciaga jkt. Great little store, carrying a range of carefully hand picked vintage designers to some of the best Belgium and Parisian designers. Some good deals too, on older pieces left over's from the owner's shop in Rome. Sometimes a season or two old, and consequently at a better price.


nothingness said...

hi i rly like how the coat top looks on her!!!


(done! thx 4 th reminder :) )

Cecylia said...

Great jacket! I love the blue detail

Unknown said...

great blog & great looks!!

loveeee <3

Dandy Fantastic said...

I like her, houndstooth is my heroin.

Duck said...

Balenciaga jacket? Yes please mmhmm


VillagePeeps said...

this only works in the UK, in the States he's gettin' jumped!! o well i just had to hit u on the head wif that one. an interesting tapestry of fabric put together here, with the english countryman's look inspired. the stockings r a shout-out to feudal middle ages, with a magical forest feel injected slightly. it does work in london, would need some courage to play out on NYC streets. but there r enuf metrosexuals running around willing to dress us fem nowadays.