20 Jun 2009

Last Day of Spring



When I asked to photograph these two, the guy mentioned that he had just been on The Style Scout yesterday... Always nice when we come across someone who knows us.

I have not been able to get out too much recently because as you will see from the photo below, (taken by somebody on Brick Lane with an iphone and emailed to me) I’m expecting. I will probably need to take a break around the time of London Fashion Week later in the year but I will continue to try to get out to shoot as much as I can until then and keep posting… Maybe baby will get a taste for it!



Unknown said...

I love that picture! That must be cool to land on a style blog two times! I've tried to pull off rolling up my jeans but i dont know whether it would look good or not. I like seeing others pull it off but I dont know whether I could pull it off or not. I love how the man is dressed and also the woman! Good luck with your pregnancy...really.
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Selina (Flying Saucer) said...

all the best for your pregnacy! xx

trønderhunter said...

Hi! I noticed that you have linked to different streetstyle-blogs around the world on your blog. A friend of mine and I are working with a streetstyle blog in a Norwegian city, Trondheim. I was just wondering if you could link our blog too? We're already linking yours :) Oh, and if you don't like our blog immidiately and don't wanna link it yet, it would me nice if you could look through the archives or keep following the blog just in case. It's not long time since we started, so we're still improving!

http://tronderhunter.blogspot.com (Trondheim, Norway)

I love your blog!
Thank you, from Fride

Olviya said...

he looks very nice in such combo: tight jeans and jacket... kinda easy chick)

keren B said...

congrats for the pregnancy
I love so much this blog..


a fan from Panamà.. far away--

Dulwich_News said...

Thanks all for the good wishes!

victoria said...

love the girls elaborate headband, and congrats on the baby! :)


Sarah Edwina Rose said...

All the best xxxx

Fashbashsoundclash said...

Loving the picture with the two people that got scouted from the other style blog too. The girls look is a nice twist to the usual highstreet blazor, casual tshirt with highwaisted skirt, good luck!

Great finds and good look with the new bambino on the way!!

Fashbashsoundclash X

Sara said...

His waistcoat is awesome!
What a sweet couple =)

Hobotron said...

Haha! Fashashsoundclash. Her outfit is almost entirely highstreet. The blazer and skirt are from tophop. :)

KP said...

I so dreamt of that Rag & Bone blzer-she looks amazing in it!

Mike said...

Hope your soon to be born or now born baby is healthy.