24 Apr 2007

Opening Night, last Friday…Berlin

Photos taken by Stil In Berlin
Thanks and thank goodness Mary & Ben of Stil In Berlin had the presence of mind to bring their camera to our joint gallery opening last Friday evening at the Create-Berlin gallery.

Also a big thank you to Natasha Binar of Nomad Agency the Art and Fashion Company, who conceived of, designed and was the curator of the exhibition and the event. And thanks to Diana Kaufman and all the members of the board of Create-Berlin for being so generous and helpful in supporting our project. Also a thank you to The Bauhaus-Archiv, Berlin for lending us their beautiful frames to display our artwork.

To us the opening seemed to be a great success and we hope all the visitors had the same experience. Attendees started arriving at 7 pm to view the work and continued to stream in until midnight…It was great seeing the invitation to the gallery opening all over Berlin…

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