24 Feb 2007

Bonus day… London
Because of the meetup in Paris next week and because we are not sure we will be able to post from there...I’m adding some bonus postings to the blog… You may have noticed that we have added some more links to our favourites:
Dirty Dirty Dancing, The Cobra Snake and my personal favourite Stuart SempleI got to know Stuart over the phone last week after stopping his friend Fay on the street to ask if we could photograph her for a posting, and she told us about Stuart. She was so fun/interesting we had to investigate…(The Coolhunter is going to publish Fay’s photo after interviewing her via email for his Street Stalker series).
Stuart is an artist involved in many interesting project and has some great videos explaining the process and how he produces the artworks…As far as we know, Randi the subject of these photos, is not a part of his posse/crew/entourage (what is the correct term these days)…although perhaps she should be!!!

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