9 Jan 2007

Liverpool Street Station...London


S. said...

Ah, eh, the coat, uh. It looks like her head is poking out of a bear's butt.

Yes, I do feel badly for being unkind (but truthful).

Dulwich_News said...

Dear S,

Such a strong reaction to the coat. Would it help if I told you it was fake/fun fur and also that they were one of the nicest, sweetest couples we have met so far?

S. said...

Aw, now you think badly of me. I I take no issue with fur, real or fake.

I'm sure they were lovely. They do not scowl at the lense or wear a contrived attitude. It's not personal, it's just that I find the coat ugly.

I myself often dress in questionable outfits. Feel free to tell me so when this happens. We can all still be friends.

Dulwich_News said...

no, don't worry, you are entitled to your fashion opinion! always!